Why choose hydro pure?

*No Chemicals
*Filtered Water
*No Water Spots
*Joinery Clean


Our home is the usually the biggest asset we have. It is important to maintain the glass and joinery of your home, not only to keep it looking good, but to protect the value of your investment.

Our Pure Water Technology means we don’t have to use nasty chemicals and detergents that could potentially damage your home and the enviroment.

At Hydro Pure we use delicate brushes to remove dirt and contaminates from your glass and joinery to leave an amazing crystal clear finish, whilst also conditioning your joinery and rubber seals.


 Soaps and other chemicals reach waterways and are very harmful to the environment.

At Hydro Pure we use no chemicals at all in the purifying process. Our water is filtered through a carbon filter, a reverse osmosis filter and finally a de-ionizing filter.
The purified water has between zero and 5 parts per million of total dissolved solids and will therefore evaporate completely, leaving no unsightly and damaging watermarks.

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