House and Building Wash

At Hydro Pure we also specialise in house and building wash.

We have many options avaliable.
  • Hydro Pure House Wash.
This complete house wash using Pure Water for new houses, to remove dust, dirt, bird poo and spider webs
  • Gentle Chemical Clean.
This low presure soft wash uses gentle enviromently friendly products to remove moss, mould and algae. The product works with the weather, over time, to leave your house, deck or driveway looking like new. This clean will revitalise paint and reduce maintance if used annually.
  • Low presure Water Blasting.
This wash can be used in combination with a chemical clean to remove stubborn dirt and grime.

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Building Managers -We will save your clients Money!

Avoid the cost of expensive equipment and noisy machinery to get to those really high spots. Wash brushes that reach up to 16 metres! (60ft). Cost efficient and quality guaranteed.  We’re are also experts in high-rise buildings. We have trained industrial abseilers that can clean windows on buildings of any height with suitable anchor points.


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